I've spent most of my life being treated as an item. Watching heroes fight. It's been my dream since I hatched to be a smash bro, but when I tell that to the other pokemon they just laugh at me. My parents were kidnapped when I was a chick by fiendish jigglypuff so the only person who likes me is my friend spheal who is bullied to. He is called fat constantly and now everybody forgot his name and calls him fatty. He is used to it by now. Fatty is the the only person who believes in me and his parents were kidnapped by the same jigglypuff as the ones who kidnapped my parents, so he wants to be a smash bro to for revenge. If only a smash bro knew about us.

"Look Torchic, wake up!" Fatty said as I got out of my nest. I looked outside and everybody's gaze was set on the TV showing an advert on the new smash tournament. CHALLENGER APPROACHING! LITTLE MAC PUNCHES IN! Wow! They are already announcing challengers for the smash tournament that means they are already setting up battles against master hand; if you beat him you get to be in the tournament! "Come on Fatty!" I said "We need to fight master hand before it is too late." 

We set off as boys...

And arrived as men!