Skyla made her debut in BW069 where she just gave away badges to only trainers who she predicts she will lose to and skip the battles because she always thinks about how the battles will go. And she was also too busy with air shows than Pokémon battles. This made Ash and Cilan mad and as a result, Cilan challenged her to a Gym Leader Battle in which he lost. Ash battles her in BW070 and though she had him on the ropes with her Swanna, it was eventually beaten by Ash's newly evolved Unfezant. After which she was taught not to take Gym Battles too lightly and be a proper Gym Leader. She also informs Ash the next Gym is in Iccirus City. She visit to Ash & friends in the League.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Skyla Unfezant
Skyla used this Unfezant in her battle with Cilan. Its known moves are Air Slash and Aerial Ace.
Pokémon Information
Skyla Swanna
Skyla used Swanna to battle Cilan's Crustle. Its known moves are BubbleBeam, Aqua Ring, Brave Bird and Hurricane.
Pokémon Information
Skyla Swoobat
Skyla used her Swoobat to beat Cilan's Pansage but it was beaten by his Crustle. Its known moves are Air Cutter and Gust.