Silver is the anti-hero of The Mystery of the Three Legends. Similarly to Gold, Silver has had a complicated life. He has never had a family, and has lived alone his entire life as an orphan. One day, though, he heard news that could change the entire Johto region...


Silver was 7 years old when he first heard the newly annexed leader of the Legendary Corporation: The Dodgeslayer. He heard from him that their mission was to enslave the entire Johto region by using the three "legendary dogs" (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou) and combine their power along with their captured Legendary Lugia in order to overthrow the Gym Leaders and to enslave the Johto region. Silver decided to take a stand and by his lonesome, caught a Larvitar and subsequently nicknamed him Sandstrike. Silver and Sandstrike are now looking to stop the Dodgeslayer by hunting down one of the legendaries before he gets caught: the legendary Pokemon Suicune.

In Chapter One, Silver is seen waking up homeless, without much to live off of. He reminisces the overhearing of Dodgeslayer's conversation, and immediately sets his mind to the Tin Tower, where Suicune resides. He reveals his Pokemon, Sandstrike, and rushes towards the Tin Tower to meet his fate with the legendary dog.

In Chapter Two, Silver finally arrives at the Tin Tower to battle Suicune. However, instead, he gets a sign of a Zubat. Silver, confused, tries to ponder what this sign could mean.