Scorch Cover Final

Cover of Scorch by: Halowazzupman Cover by: Halowazzupman

Scorch is a Fanfiction written by Halowazzupman

Prologue: The land is barren. Water is scarce, and many pokémon seem to be completely wiped out. Groudon and Regirock are the most powerful pokémon, while Kyogre and Regice seem to have disappeared. Volcanoes are more popular than regular mountains, making rock, fire, ground, fighting, and ghost-type pokémon the most common. Grass, ice, bug, water, and normal-type pokémon are hard to find, and most people haven’t seen any wild ones in over five years. Castforms only appear in Sun Form. Even the choice of starter pokémon is completely different than before. No one knows how it happened, or, at least, they aren’t telling anyone. The only hope is to find the legendary pokémon Mew which would be able to set things right, but it is nowhere to be found. Drake has secretly decided to take up this task on his fourteenth birthday, when he receives his first pokémon…

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