The Rinku Region (Japaneses: リンク地方 Rinku-chihō) is a region of the Pokémon world. It is located east of Hoenn, and is located West of Johto. It is the setting of the Generation O games.

All cities in Rinku, like Kanto are named after colours including Fuligin Metropolis, named after a fictional colour, with the exception of Kanvas Town and Stencil Town, which is also a reference to color. Professor Maple is the resident Pokémon Professor and gives Pokémon Trainers a choice between Chlorizard, Plasmor, or Aquitty as their starter Pokémon. In the games, the player begins his or her journey in Kanvas Town and ends it at Fuligin Metropolis. In Phoskia, the player starts in Stencil Town.

It is based on the Chūgoku (中国地方, meaning "middle country") and Shikoku Regions (四国, meaning "four provinces") in Japan, and named after the main character of the Legend of Zelda Series, Rinku (リンク, literally meaning "link") in Japan. Unlike almost every other region, which are specific to their own generations, Rinku allows all regions to be explorable.