"It's always exciting going on a journey with your pokemon!" my parents always said. I never listened, I always thought it was a stupid saying every parent said. I was only 4 that time, but now, at the age of 10, I realized those words had a meaning. "Haily! Wake up, it's a big, big day today!" my mom hollered. It was Winter, and I didn't feel like getting up. My mom kept pestering me to sleep early yesterday so I can wake up early. She knew I wouldn't listen to her, so she must have had a plan B, because the most intoxicating smell filled my room. "Bacon." I told myself. "...and eggs." I tried to avoid the smell, but before I knew it I was already stuffing my mouth with Bacon and eggs. After I ate, I started to walk out the door. "Haily!" my mom yelled, grabbing my shoulder. "Don't go into the tall grass, sweetie." I just nod. Thanks for the heads up. My mom smiles as I walk out.

I was walking to route 201 when this man rudely push me away. "You can't go." He said in a hefty voice. "Berry wants you." He walks back to a patch of grass and stares at me. "Creepy." I mutter to myself as I walk to Berry's house. I start to knock when- "What the heck?!" Berry yelled. "Berry! I didn't know. I'm so sorry!" I quickly say. "Whatever." He said while rubbing his head. "You hear about the Red Gyarados?" I nod. "Well, WE'RE going to check it out! If your late, its a 1,000,000 Poke fine!" He runs away, only to come back. "Dang it, I forgot my journal!" Berry yells and runs back inside his house. Of course, being the devilish girl I am, I follow. When I reach Berry, he screams about a fine and runs off. I follow him, mostly because I didn't want to pay that fine he told me!

-Part 1, END-