This story chronicles Oshawott's escapades, first being the only starter not picked, and then getting lost in Cilan's gym.





Note: Oshawott pronounces his R's like W's, and has a lisp, but this is not in the story. The Pokemon also talk in their own language, (saying their names) but this will be in English for a better understanding.

Chapter 1- The Beginning of the End

Hello, my name is Oshawott. I am a water Pokemon, known as the Sea Otter Pokemon. Here is my diary.

Dear Diary,

Today, someone managed to come and find me in the wild. It was a very attractive female lady. She said her name was Professor Juniper, but I couldn't really understand anything else she said. She picked me up, put me in a cramped little Pokeball, then carried me to her lab.

At the lab, I met two other Pokemon. One was really fat, and looked like an orange piggy. The other one was eating PokeChews, and was a snake with a smug grin on his face.

"Hey, you idiot. You look like a mutated Piplup." said the snake.

"Hey, man, he's new. Don't be so hard on him." said the piggy.

The snake farted leaves.

The piggy farted fire.

I began to cry.

"Aww, don't cry." said the piggy. "I'm Tepig. I can be your friend."

"And I can be your fiend." said the snake, Snivy, evilly.

Professor Juniper then came back in the lab with two trainers. One of them was a really hot girl, and the other was some idiotic boy who looked a bit like a pervert.

"And here are the starters." said the professor.

The idiotic boy who looked a bit like a pervert came over and picked Snivy.

"Smell you later." said Snivy, and hopped into the idiotic boy who looked a bit like a pervert's backpack.

The really hot girl came over. "Aww, it's so cute!"

She really thought I was cute? But then, I realized she was talking about Tepig. "I want it!" said the hot girl. She picked up Tepig and left.

I was in a slump. I was the only starter not picked, so I walked out the door. Of course, Prof. Juniper did not even notice.

Chapter 2- Gym Mishaps