Name: Jake
Japanese Name: N/A
Age: 12
Hometown: New Bark Town
  • Johto
  • Mother, Father (Traveling)
Class: Pkmn Trainer
  • Sam, Lyra, various others.
First Appearance:
  • Your Pokemon Journey Awaits...

Jake, the impatient boy, is the main protagonist in The Johto Journey.


Jake has always been impatient, always needing something to be done quicker. Jake can make friends easily, such as his friendship with Sam, but is also prone to making enemies commonly. Jake is also very sensitive, making him have to overcome his emotions to try and become the champion. 

The Johto Journey

In Chapter One, Jake wakes up late on his first day as an intern in Professor Elm's Lab. He then quickly runs to his lab, while his mother gives him his PokeGear. Once at the lab, Jake is asked to perform a task for Professor Elm; Find what discovery Mr. Pokemon has made. Jake is then allowed to choose a Pokemon partner, either Chikorita, Totodile or Cyndaquil. Jake picks Cyndaquil, and on his way out, is stopped by a lab associate, and is given 3 Potions. On his way to Mr. Pokemon's house, Jake notices Plat spying on Professor Elm's lab, but decides to leave him alone. On Route 29, Jake meets Sam, his new friend and partner, after an incident witth Cyndaquil attacking Sam's Farfetch'd. Sam agrees to travel with Jake, originally for Jake's debt with Farfetch'd, and then because he wants ladies.

In Chapter Two, Sam and Jake arrive at Cherrygrove City, to find that the city is being harassed by a Zubat. A mysterious boy is seen there, taking care of the Zubat, to announce that the city is being attacked. Jake and Sam run inside the Pokemon Center, to wait for the calamity to calm down outside. While inside, Sam's Farfetch'd makes a recovery, and forms a conflict with Jake. When Sam and Jake leave the Center, an old man greets them, offering to show them around town. He does, and Jake is then given a map card, for his PokeGear. Jake gets a call from Professor Elm about where Mr. Pokemon lives, and Jake and Sam head out on Route 30. Before they begin, though, Sam suggests an name for Cyndaquil, and Jake names him Explosion, much to Sam's amusement.


  • Jake is based on the Author.
  • Jake's hat color is based on the Johto Pokemon games, Gold and Silver.
  • It is rumored that Jake shall return for a second story, this time in Hoenn.