Dawn Return
Arriving in Undella Town, Ash and co. were invited by Cynthia to stay at her villa, along with Meloetta. But she isn't the only old friend. That's right folks, Dawn from Sinnoh has returned and is introduced to Iris, Cilan Harold and LeShawna.
Chris goes on to welcome The eleven companions: Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Lightning, Noah, Izzy, Jo, Brick, Sam, Zoey and Mike arrives at Cynthia's house and the companions reunites with Harold, Ash and companions that they would enter the World Championship Junior Cup. Apparently she is competing in the World Championship too, and has seen Elesa back in Nimbasa City. Later, she requests to have a battle with Cilan. Will this semi-top co-ordinator fair against the A-Class connoisseur? And why is Piplup moving in on Oshawott's girlfriend?