(シトロン Shitoron)
Clemont XY series
Name: Clemont
Japanese Name: シトロン Shitoron
Hometown: TBA
Region: Kalos

Bonnie (sister)

Class: Trainer

Meta Knight

First Appearance:


Voice actor: TBA

Clemont (Japanese: シトロン Citron) is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City and one of Ash's companions.


Clemont is the Gym Leader of Luminose City and, when he originally meets Ash, he battles him after he was kicked out of the Lumiose Gym, with Ash unaware of the fact he is the Gym Leader. He is an avid inventor and has a device called the Aipom Arm in his backpack. He has a little sister named Bonnie. He also appears to not be very physically fit, as he runs slower and arrived at Professor Sycamore's lab moments after Ash and Bonnie. It was revealed that one of his inventions got hold of his Gym after it went online.


He is a boy with blonde hair, blues eyes and glasses. He wears a blue jump suit with yellow strips on the legs. He also wears black shoes and has a device on his back in which he uses to perform different actions.


He is a very keen inventor but their is a running joke involving his devices exploding instantly or working briefly , as seen in the anime. Clemont also hates it when Bonnie tries to get him a bride. He is also dedicated to science and only fears something if it defies logic.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Clemont's Bunnelby full body
Bunnelby first appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! where it was used by Clemont in his battle against Ash and Pikachu. Bunnelby was shown to be a strong battler, easily dominating the first part of the battle until it made the mistake of clamping Pikachu's tail with its ears. It knows Dig, Mud Shot, Double Slap and Double Team.
Pokémon Information
Clemont's Chespin
Chespin first appeared in Froakie VS Fletching! Air Maneuver Battle!! under the ownership of Professor Sycamore as a Starter Pokémon for new trainers. It has been shown to be a gluttonous Pokémon. It knows Pin Missile, Tackle and Vine Whip.

With Bonnie

Pokémon Information
Clemont's Dedenne
Dedenne was caught by Clemont upon Bonnie's request as she wanted to take care of it and take it as her own Pokémon when she is ready to debut as a Trainer. It knows Nuzzle, Thunder Shock and Tackle.